enzyme works


Enzymes are the workers of the body. They are required for digestion, elimination, growth, repair, and all other biochemical reactions that keep you living. We produce and reuse our own enzymes, however we also require enzymes from our food. Food enzymes are lacking in our foods due to being destroyed or removed because of cooking, being processed, or genetically engineered for a longer shelf  life. Without these necessary enzymes, we are unable to fully digest, absorb and utilize proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals. Lack of food enzymes cause stress to the body, nutrient deficiencies, and symptoms.


Proper function, balance, and health is restored to the body through enzyme therapy. Every person is biochemically unique, therefore a "one-size fits all" approach to health does not provide optimal wellness. Everyone experiences different life stressors, habits, family history, etc.. Because of this, we take a unique approach to examining the body and finding the source of stress unique to that individual. Through consultation, symptom survey, 24 hour urinalysis, and a structural palpatory reflex exam, we can identify the specific needs necessary to allow the body to heal. Based on the findings, EFI plant based enzymes and dietary guidelines are used to restore function and optimal health. This allows the body to heal naturally as opposed to concentrated chemical compounds that may cause further stress.


  • *Blood sugar, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • *Hormones
  • *Digestive Difficulties
  • *IBS, Constipation & other elimination symptoms
  • *Allergies
  • *Anemia
  • *Liver Enzymes
  • *Thyroid conditions
  • *Fibromyalgia
  • *Sleep Disorders
  • *Restless Legs
  • *Headaches
  • *Inflammation
  • *Joint Pain
  • *Autoimmune Disorders
  • *Chronic Infections
  • *And Much Much More!!